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VisChem is a Community of Practice for secondary chemistry educators. This site provides members of the community with access to resources that support the use of dynamic, molecular-level visualizations in secondary chemistry classrooms. 

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The project has supported VisChem Institutes (two remote and one in-person VisChem Institutes at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio) and generated 9 publications. The research from the project describes and explains how teachers’ use of dynamic, molecular-level visualizations in secondary chemistry classrooms afford and constrain student learning as well as inform students’ ideas about molecular-level behavior underpinning chemical and physical changes. The project is currently supported by the National Science Foundation (Award #DRL-1908121, PI: Dr. Ellen Yezierski, Professor of Chemistry, Miami University). 

The next VisChem Institute takes place at the 2024 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education at the University of Kentucky. BCCE attendees may register for “Moving Students From Description to Explanation with VisChem” on Sunday, July 28, 2024, 8:30 AM-4:15 PM.